The Board V8

The new board is up and here is the link to last year’s bets: Board V7

Bettor Punter The Dispute Result Stakes
Costen (Pence) Paul (Pagan) Who has a higher WAR in 2013? Costen Sixer
Costen (No) Paul (Yes) Will Patrick make the WCB playoffs in 2013? Costen Bomber
Thomas Greg 1-1 in basketball Greg, dick 6er
Costen (Greg) Spinelli (Thomas) Thomas vs Greg in basketball 1-1 Greg $20
Greg (Under) Thomas & Costen (Over) Belt 10.5 HR’s Thomas Costen a beer
Costen (Under) Terry (Over) Justos 1st cig by 10pm on 3/22 Costen $5
Paul (Yes) Costen (No) Paul winning WCB 8 Costen lunch (4:1 odds)
Paul Costen Better WCB record Paul sixer
Justin (Over) Costen (Under) Angels wins 93.5 Costen sixer
Wes (Moose) Terry (Nate Schierholz) Best of R, HR, RBI, SB, OBP, SLG (based on a minimum of 502 plate appearances) Terry sixer
Spinelli (Angels) Josh (As) Winner of of the 4/29-5/1 series Josh? Bottle of Jameson
Justin (Over) Costen (Under) Angels Wins o/u 81.5 Costen Sixer

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