The Board V7

Here’s the Board V7! If you want to see the results from last year, click on the Board V6.

Bettor Punter The Dispute Result Stakes
Thomas Spinelli Who will make the WCB playoffs first (tie breaker based on record) SPINELLI Tickets to a sporting event
Costen (Pads) Pat (LAD) Dodgers wins vs Padres wins PATRICK $20
Xander (Under) Spinelli (Over) Angels 91.5 regular season wins Xander (I am calling this one early!) 6 pack of good beer
Justo (Over) Costen (Under) Dee Gordon: OBP .310 Costen six pack
Spinelli (LAA) Paul (BOS) More runs scored: Angels or Red Sox SPINELLI Shot and a beer at the Dubliner
Paul (AGon) Costen (Votto) Higher OPS: AGon versus Votto Round 2 COSTEN Six Pack
Patrick (Under) Costen (Over) Giancarlo Stanton 35.5 HRs COSTEN Six Pack
Paul (Under) Justin (Over) Mark Trumbo 32.5 HRs PAUL Six Pack
Costen (Under) Justin (Over) Mark Trumbo 32.5 HRs COSTEN Six Pack
Patrick (AJ Ellis) Justin (Chris Ianetta) Higher OBP: Ianetta vs. AJ Ellis Patrick Six Pack
Paul (Padres) Patrick (Matt Kemp) Most HRs in H2H games from 4/17 on: Padres V Kemp PAUL Six Pack
Paul Greg Most WCB trades from 4/25 on PAUL Bomber under $10
Spinelli (Under) Thomas (Over) 10.5 Clay Hensley saves SPINELLI AHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH Lunch
Wes (AJ Ellis) Paul (Carlos Ruiz) Best of 5: R, HR, RBI, OBP, SLG PAUL Six Pack
Spinelli (Angels) Paul (Padres) 5/19 Angels at Padres: Angels by 2 Paul Bomber
Spinelli (Angels) Paul (Padres) 5/20 Angels at Padres: Straight up Paul Bomber
Costen (Giants) Patrick (Dodgers) Giants pass Dodgers in the standings by 6/20 PATRICK sixer
Costen (Over) Paul (Under) O/U 10 HRs for Plouffe from July 1 on PAUL CALLING IT EARLY! sixer
Wes (Bauer) Paul (Cashner) Strikeouts on 6/28 Paul bomber
Spinelli (Over) Patrick (Under) Trout OPS of .882 from 8/15 to 8/21 Spinelli (1.32 OPS) TBD
Costen (Yes) Paul (No) Alex Smith top 3 NFC QB in TQBR TBD Sixer
Adrian (No) Paul (Yes) Giants sign an impact bat TBD Bomber
Costen (Pence) Paul (Pagan) Who has a higher WAR in 2013? TBD Sixer
Spinelli (Yes) Paul (No) Was Kubel picked up off the waiver wire? Spinelli Beer
Costen (Giants) Paul (LOL Tigers) Who is going to win the World Series? Costen 6er

27 thoughts on “The Board V7

  1. Let it be known that the “Padres straight up” on Sunday bet was made the 2nd my drunk ass rolled into to Paul’s house and the game was in the 13th inning. SO it was “straight up from the 13th inning on” LOL..

    ALso, let it be known that Paul has agreed to accept percocet as a payment in lieu of a 2nd bomber.

  2. And we just passed last years bet total before the All Star break! Bravo degenerate gamblers. That being said, the LA folks have too much self restraint and need to start gambling more.

  3. Someone needs to do a Board Results post at the end of the year. We could almost support the entire draft weekend with the amount of beer wagered this year. Almost.

    • HAhahahahaah…We need to get Thomas drunk again. Then we can fill our coffers with the amber liquid of the gods.

  4. Board is updated with final tallies. Looks like I will be getting more than giving, so that is good. Just not the amazing undefeated streak from last season. Oh well.

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