The Board V6

Last Updated: Sept. 29

Bettor Punter The Dispute Result Stakes
Costen (Yes) Spinelli (No) Giants will have 3.5 Pitchers on AS team Yes (Costen) $5 dollars
Paul (Over) Thomas (under) 19.5 SB’s for Jimmy Rollins Over (Paul) Lunch
Costen (Yes) Thomas (No) Will Brandon Belt be called up by June 1st? Yes (Costen) 6-Pack of Anchor Steam
Costen (Yes) Thomas (No) Brandon Belt start in the 3rd hole by May 30th No (Thomas) 6 pack
Costen (Yes) Paul (No) Javier Lopez makes the All-Star Team No (Paul) $10 Costen/$5 Paul
Spinelli (Yes) Costen (No) Will Spinelli make his 1st appearance in the WCB playoffs? No (Costen) A shot, beer and a slap in the face at next year’s draft
Paul & Wes (Yes) Thomas (No) Will the Phillies finish in the top two in the NL East? Yes (Paul/Wes) Lunch (Paul); $25 bottle of vino (Wes)
Costen (A’s: 74) Justin (Angels: 86) More wins: A’s vs. Angels Angels (Justin) Six Pack
Paul (AGon: 957) Costen (Votto: 947) Who will have a higher OPS, Gonzalez or Votto? Gonzo (Paul) 6-Pack
Paul (Phi) Thomas (SF) SF vs. Phil: ERA, WHIP & QS’s for all SP’s Phils (Paul) Lunch
Paul (Yes) Thomas (No) Will the Yankees finish in the top two in the AL East? Yes (Paul) Lunch
Pat (Kershaw: 248) Thomas (Lincecum: 220) Who will have more K’s in 2011? Kershaw (Pat) 6 pack
Spinelli (Over) Costen (Under) Howie Kendrick OPS of .800 Kendrick 802 (Spinelli) 6 pack
Costen (Over) Spinelli (Under) Jed Lowrie: 900 OPS & 16.5 HR’s (must win both) Under (Spinelli) 6 pack
Costen (Over) Thomas (Under) Jed Lowrie 2 of 3: 90/20/90 Under (Thomas) Sandwich
Costen (Over) Paul(Under) Jed Lowrie: 90/20/90 (Costen must win all 3) Under (Paul) $15 Shoes
Spinelli (Yes) Thomas (No) The Patriots will reach the Super Bowl Yes (Spinelli) $20

41 thoughts on “The Board V6

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  2. Personally, I am going to shatter that mark before the year even starts. I believe that the bet should only count during the season.

  3. I’m looking forward to this weekend when I can make more wagers with Thomas while he’s intoxicated. Paul, will you buy me something with all of your Thomas winnings?

  4. Costen, I will buy you lunch with one of my lunches when the Phillies SP beats the Giants SP.

    If the Giants SP loses, you just have to buy me one beer.

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    • Tommy needs to stop betting while drunk. To paraphrase “Rollins only stole 17 bags in 156 games last year!”

      “No, he didn’t. It was like 80 games.”

      “No dude, I looked it up right after we made the bet and he played in 156.”

      “Look,” opens laptop and fires up yahoo and goes to the Rollins player page.

      “Oh, I was looking at 2009.”

  6. I think there were a few new bets made last night at Spinelli’s house. Someone should tell Costen that betting the over on 90-20-90 for Lowrie is pretty ballsy.

    Of course he then tried to trade Lowrie straight up for Weeks.

    Which I declined.

    • As I said last night, it’s one thing to bet a six pack on a bold prediction, it’s another to count on that kind of explosion for a team working on expanding its dynasty resume.

  7. I think that Costen and Terry now need a Hosmer v Dunn bet as well. Also, Costen needs to pay up on his Lowrie bets.

  8. Rollins, get that one more damn SB so I can end this bet. Every day I worry he is going to get hurt with 19 steals…

  9. Hey Thomas! Your formatting of this went awry. The Rollins SB bet is done and there are remnants of it on the top right hand corner next to the first bet.

    • just saw it and fixed it. I’ll tell Rollins hi this Friday at the game. I might consider the same bet next year =) I figure if I keep making the bet, one of these years I’ll be right.

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