Past POTY Winners

“Please fuck with this man’s sandwich” – Wes (2010)

“As a character witness for the Defendant I would like to point to his history of having, how would you call it, ah yes, boners for certain players. Just because the Defendant believes that Martin Prado is the alpha and the omega doesn’t make it so. But that is exactly why this trade offer is completely justified. To be deemed offensively absurd, the Defendant must knowingly send an absurd trade offer. From his own testimony and from my long time friendship with the Defendant, I can see that he honestly felt that he was in the right. It is not his fault that Patrick disagrees with the sentiments that David Freese and his lack of power was meant for the WCB. It is not the Defendant’s fault that he considers Bobby Abreu’s .400 OBP while ignoring his sub .400 SLG. This is just the way he thinks. I have known him for quite some time, and I can honestly say that he believes the stuff spewing from his mouth hole. So unless the Prosecution can prove that the Defendant KNOWINGLY submitted an absurd trade offer, this case must be dismissed. And on top of that, he should counter sue for defamation of character and emotional distress. Yes, the jury may strike that last comment from the record.” – Paul (2011)


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