2012 POTY Nominees

Costen’s farewell to Pat the Bat nominated by Thomas from An Ode to Pat the Bat

This post is too long and full of videos and pics. I recommend clicking the link.

Wes’ Orgasm- Nominated by Adrian Spinelli from Ariel is attracted to Matt Cain post

As certain as you are that things are so uncertain, I’m certain that a bunch of super rich people just paid a shit load of cash for a sports franchise. Did they pay 2.15 billion to put Mark Ellises and Juan Riveras on the field? I hardly think that Magic Johnson, a fierce competitor, with the keys to a brand new Ferrari is going to stick to school zones and drive 15 mph. No, he and Stan Kasten and the piles of money that are behind them intend to return plenty of profit on their investment. That means signing a media deal and winning. Winning makes teams a lot of money, right? Cash cow, you said.

McCourt has zero control over any part of the Dodgers now. He may still have a claw stuck in the parking lots, but he has zero say in the ways in which the land is used, the lots priced or any of the “fan experience”. All I’ve done is consume media coverage of this deal, so I feel pretty good about that statement. If ten cents of my parking dollar pays for Frank’s legal fees, I don’t really care.

Matt Kemp is going to be fat in 8 years. LOL, ok. Pablo is fat RIGHT NOW.

It’s a great day. Talented free agents are coming. Whether its Matt Cain, Cole Hamels, Zach Greinke, Mike Napoli or whoever, we’re getting that shit. Do I have concern for the health of the deal? I’m not smart enough to write my opinions on espn or yahoo or fangraphs.

Fangraphs asks Are the Dodgers worth 2 billion? Maybe not today, but the guys who paid the money think so. Do I care? Only if they don’t put a winner on the field. That blurb, which I read earlier today, just asks the question. The answer: only time will tell. The reality: rich guys piled up a crap load of money, pushed it across the table to Frank McCourt, got the Dodgers.

Frank made money. Do I like that? I guess not. I wasn’t gonna get it. It’s America, I’m sure shit like this happens all the time outside of sports and nobody ever hears about it. Rich people, or people who hold assets that rich people want, will get more money. I hope Frank likes money, because that’s all he has. It’s not like he can just show off around LA, people hate him here.


If that link worked, you’ll read that 100% of the money paid to McCourt is cash. Straight cash, homey. Guggenhiem Group. That just sounds like a giant pile of money. Maybe Arash Markazi didn’t get that memo before quoting other economist types before they got the memo. That blog post also addresses the McCourt controlling the parking lots.

Don’t be sad, giants fans. You got your ring. Feel as happy as I do. You’re gonna probably win the West again this year. I’m looking at fall 2012, when all those juicy free agent pitchers are looking at house listings in Malibu. Cain probably stays in SF, but if they want to keep him they’re going to have to back up the money truck, or else Magic is going to be ringing Matt Cain’s doorbell at 12:01 am on the first day of free agency wearing his 5 Championship rings, and telling him how many more he plans on putting on his other hand.

Good night.

Doubting Costen- Nominated by Adrian Spinelli from Ariel is attracted to Matt Cain post

Dear dodger fans,

First of all, Wes, I’m positively giddy that this is the title of your post, which will live in wcbbaseball.com’s archive forever. Or at least until Greg’s kitties and titties blog crashes the Internet as he predicts. But I digress.

It’s been a while since we last corresponded. Funny how when one of us is a laughing stock and the other is busy winning the World Series while maintaining some degree of respect for our rivalry, piling on after your owner runs you into the ground becomes pointless. Again, I digress.

I’m happy for you. I am. Don’t believe me? Check Patrick’s phone for my congratulatory text last night. The dodgers being sold is great for baseball, great for the Giants-dodgers rivalry, great for West Coast Bias, and awful for Paul and the other four Padre fans. I thought I would enjoy the McCourt divorce far more than I ultimately did. I won’t lie, though: I am relieved that the fallout from the divorce wrecked the scary teams you guys had in ’08 and ’09. Well, that and Manny trying to get pregnant, but once more, I digress.

Not only am I happy for you, but I understand your glee. All of this said, I’m here to offer some free advice, made famous by Winston Wolf. Click and listen — I’ll wait five seconds. I recommend you say that to each other for at least the next six months, as opposed to making ridiculous, premature, and unfounded boasts to fans of other teams how great Matt Cain, Cole Hamels, Joey Votto, Zack Greinke, Josh Hamilton, and Mike Napoli will look in dodger blue.

While the new owners and their puppet are likely going to want to make a splash either at the trade deadline or next winter, what makes you so sure that they’re going to be more interested in bloating the payroll than figuring out a way to get a return on their enormous investment through controlling expenses? My skepticism is not out on a limb by itself, either. Smarter people than me are calling this deal “crazy” and “repulsive”. Check this out, too. And this, which has to burn like mad.

I mean, you guys know your new ownership group just shelled out $2.15 BILLION dollars for the dodgers, right? Which is about $850 million more than anticipated, and more than a billion more than the highest price a North American sports team ever fetched before, right? And that Frank McCourt still owns about half of the land surrounding dodger Stadium? And that the stadium itself is in need of a remodel? And that the revenue resulting from the pending monster TV contract is not guaranteed to go on the field, but may be needed to pay Frank McCourt for the privilege of signing enormous checks to a 36-year old, 260-pound Matt Kemp in 2021? And that even if you DO start pouring money into the payroll, that Ned Coletti is still your general manager? And that even if you start spending like the Yankees, you may just as likely end up with results like the Mets? You know all of this, right?

The point is this: you don’t know anything else yet, other than you’re a hell of a lot better off next year than you were last year. So do yourselves a favor for the still-murky present: take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the fact that when you buy a ticket to a dodger game this year, you aren’t helping pay for Frank McCourt’s new private jet. Wait, because he still owns half of the parking lot and there’s no way to get there other than driving, you kind of are.

But hey, at least you’ve got your chests puffed out on the WCB blog again. Welcome back.

Montreal Mudflap by Paul- Nominated by Paul (FUCK YALL IM HILARIOUS) from Baseball conversation with a Canadian takes a turn for the worse…AND POINTLESS

Its called a Montreal Mudflap in Canada.

DP by Greg Clark- Nominated by Wesley Vento and seconded by Adrian Spinelli from NL DH?

DP has only one meaning. Please don’t try to change it.

10 bold pre-draft predictions by Paul Mittendorff- nominated by Adrian Spinelli from 10 bold pre-draft predictions

10. Greg will spend too much money on Justin Morneau

9. Ariel will have Matt Kemp…And will not trade him for anything regardless of any needs his team will have.

8. Paul will get drunk.

7. Spinelli will complain about something…most likely his stomach or lack of Martin Prado love.

6. Josh will do the opposite of last year and end up with a stacked offense and no pitching. He further hamstrings himself by trading Lance Berkman and Mike Napoli for CC Sabathia.

5. Costen bids $59 on Kevin Youkilis out of pure habit.

4. Somebody spends way too much on Bret Lawrie and still doesn’t mind.

3. Terry drops his first player before the end of the auction.

2. Thomas “wins” the draft but loses as his top three players tear their ACLs on Sunday.

1. Justin Pujols all over the house.

Smack Talk by Xander from here nominated by Paul Mittendorff

quite a showdown: one team who loves watching people bid FAAB money on his players and another who hates it. which team will reign supreme?


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