Just look at that face.

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Post of the Year Nominees

We are well done with May and being a statistically driven group that we are I looked up some stats about POTY. But first, a poll:

And another one:

I used the eye test for the names above so feel free to select whoever you want (or add a name).

I will post an updated edition after I gather the information. It will be taken from the email threads April and May editions and maybe the Spring Training Thread.

To Be Continued…

MLB Standings Through 50 Games or so…

Author’s note: I wanted to publish this within a few days of starting it but it has taken me over a week and I didn’t want want to continuously update it. Alas a new child will do these things to you.

As of June 2nd (about 50 games for each team), these would be the playoff matchups:

American League

Wild Card: Detroit at KC

Divisional: Twins vs Yankees; Wild Card Winner vs Astros

National League

Wild Card: Mets at Giants

Divisional: Nationals vs Dodgers; Wild Card Winner vs Cardinals

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MLB Scheduling (Again)

It’s been three four years (almost to the day) that I proposed moving the Astros to the AL West and balancing out MLB schedules (although I hadn’t known this had been discussed in MLB). At the time, the Astros were still an NL Central team and MLB had a natural imbalance of 14 AL teams and 16 NL teams. The second wild card had not been proposed and while there has always been discussion to expand teams (good read: 2011 Freakonomics article) or shorten the season (Manfred 154 Games is possible),  competitive balance has always remain an issue.

Fangraphs Dave Cameron makes a great argument about the challenges MLB faces changing to a 154 game season (spoiler: paying players 100% despite a 5% reduction in games, tv contracts also losing 5%, and more) but how could that work and also have a competitive schedule?

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MLB Autocorrect V2

A while back I did a post on iPhone autocorrect on MLB names. Here’s a new one. Feel free to add more if you like:

Town is vespers: Yoennis Cespedes 

Yadira pig: Yasiel Puig

Tasmania grandad: Yasmani Grandal

His ashy iwaki a: Hisashi Iwakuma

Yam homes: Yan Gomes

Henry’s familia: Jeurys Familia

Jorge silver: Jorge Soler

Soldiers chapman: Aroldis Chapman

Text message: Mark Teixeira

Felling Bet ancestors: Dellin Betances

Loki yeah: Koji Uehara

Roughed door: Rougned Odor

Allah Akbar: Erik Aybar

Dickhead: Yordano Ventura