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POLL: Best WCB Inside Joke

Hey dudes. The season is upon us so it’s time to make fun of each other on the blog. Here’s a super important poll. Please cast your vote ASAP.


A Starting Lineup of 1st Base Coaches

So I’m highly amused by the ex-MLBers who are now 1st base coaches and I decided to search em all out and create an All-Star team (errr….all-star is a generous term for these wash-ups) out of ONLY current 1st base coaches with their actual positions. Check out my roster and the team that they currently coach for is in parentheses:

C – Tony Peña (Yankees) – Oh hell yes! Stoked he was available for this squad!

1B – Juan Samuel (Phillies) – Do you know that Juan Samuel is like the only 1B coach in the bigs that even played some 1B? He was more of an OF, but his positional eligibility makes him my guy. And that jerry curl was so boss

2B – Eric Young (Colorado) – Muthafuckin EY son! With EY and Tom Goodwin at the top of my order, this lineup is gonna wreak havoc on the base paths a la the Pierre/Castillo Marlins in ’03.

3B – Terry Pendleton (Braves) – This one’s for Drew. And 10 year old me is ready to beat someone up over his baseball card.

SS – Omar Vizquel (Tigers) – This was the biggest no-brainer in the history of man kind. Great to see Omar out there, even if he did fall just short of those 3,000 hits.

LF – Rocco Baldelli (Rays) – Could Rocco get a job with any other team besides Tampa? I didn’t think so.

CF – Tom Goodwin (Mets) – Fuck this guy was fast!

RF – Rusty Kuntz (Royals) – I don’t even know what OF position he played, but there’s no way that I was making this team without Rusty Kuntz.

DH – Davey Lopes (Dodgers) – Cause I love those steals and he has probably the most illustrious career outside of Vizquel for all of these 1B coaches.

In conclusion, 1B coaches were kinda crappy players for the most part…some of these guys didn’t even play major league ball. Brandon Hyde? Perry Hill? These guys sound like the filler baseball cards you got and were like, “who the fuck is this guy?!” Except, this is worse, cause these guys didn’t play. It’d be like getting a card for a guy who is the “first base coach” and have it NOT be terry pendleton or omar vizquel. Ok…carry on with your lives now.


PS – Rusty Kuntz

Grantland Predicitons

So Grantland did a predictions post today that featured some more unusual categories at the end. Thought it’d be cool to do a post of our picks on those. Here they are and here’s mine to start it off:

Breakout Player: Arenado. All signs point to him topping 30 jacks.

Flop Team: Am I allowed to say the Cubs? Just cause everyone’s dick ridin ’em. I bet they hover at around .500. The White Sox also strike me as over-hyped.

Surprise Team: The Oakland A’s. I think there’s a sneaky good team here that plays well together under a solid manager.

The Thing I’m Most Excited About: Mike Trout. Gonna be a while before this changes.

Random Additional Prediction (not a Grantland Option): The Nick Markakis deal will not go down as a bad one. In the end, he’ll prove to be a solid bat who gets on base, is a veteran presence and doesn’t get hurt often.

Performances of the Week – Week 17

Offense – Brett Gardner, Hire Joe Morgan

One could argue for Matt Kemp here, but Gardner’s ratios and game winning home run on Sunday night baseball set him apart. 8 runs, 5 jacks (?!!??!??! This is Brett Gardner we’re talking about here), 7 RBI and a whopping .571 obp to go with a 1.261 SLG (both higher than Kemp’s by over .100 points in each category.

Pitching – Cole Hamels, Fucktards

This was a tough choice, but it came down to impact. Hamels’ 14 K’s and 2 QS over 15 innings of work was clearly the difference maker for the ‘Tards 2nd straight win and bringing the team with 5.5 games of a playoff spot. Oh yeah, he gave up 0 earned runs and had a miniscule 0.73 WHIP.

There you have it fellas. Disagree? Fuck off.


Performances of The Week – Week 16

Hey dudes. Gonna try and start a recurring post every week for the hitting and pitching MVP’s of the week. Hopefully it’ll get more activity in the blog. Enjoy!

Hitting MVP – Carlos Santana, Fucktards – 15/27 8 runs, 6 HR’s 10 RBI 1 SB .636 OBP 1.333 SLG

I know what you’re thinking, Carlos Santana stole a base! Really though, this was just icing on the cake of an unbelievable week. 6 jacks for the Fucktards, who rode Santana to a 12-0 romp of Dixie Yankee Fuckers. Think of this: if you replace Santana’s numbers with those of the Fucktard’s 2nd best offensive producer, Juan Francisco (3 runs, 2 HR, 6 RBI), the ‘tards would’ve lost runs, rbi and HR. Dude was a difference maker.

Starting Pitching MVP – Chris Sale, Trolley Dodger Willy –  2 QS, 20 K, 0.60 ERA, 1.00 WHIP

Sale was the clear cut difference maker in what could’ve been a close match-up against Waiver Wire Bros Inc. His performances @Min and vs KC were equally dominant and he only had 3 BB to go with those 20 punch-outs.

Relief Pitching MVP – Steve Cishek, The Shitty Beatles – 5 saves, 8 K, 1.80 ERA, 0.40 WHIP

5 saves in 7 days?!!? Jesus. Cishek’s automatic closing stats essentially handed Hire Joe Morgan their first loss in the saves category this year 7-6 at the hands of the Beatles.



On the Angels Minor League System…

So you probably saw yesterday that the Angels acquired Huston Street and a minor league pitcher from the Padres for a package of 3 minor leaguers, including top 2B prospect Taylor Lindsey. I started doing some research on the players the Halos gave up and realized that their stats weren’t very eye-popping. Lindsey for one, despite being ranked by Baseball America as the Angels #1 prospect, only grades out as a B/B- player by John Sickels. 

Sickels, is of course the guru behind the now defunct “Down on the Farm” blog and runs minorleagueball.com for SBNation. Point is, he’s widely regarded as one of the best assessors of minor league talent. As i look down his list, i didn’t see a single player with a grade higher than a B and it really started to dawn on me how crappy the Angels minor league system is. We’ve all heard grumblings about it over the past few years and saw the two best prospects in recent memory, Segura and Hellweg leave in the Greinke rental…errr…trade.

I started thinking about Eddie Bane, who was the Angels scouting director from 2003-2010 who had done a marvelous job scouting players and the subsequent development of guys like Jered Weaver, Mark Trumbo, Jordan Walden and oh yeah…he drafted that Mike Trout guy with the 25th overall pick in the 2009 draft… I was always taken aback when we let him go and figure it was Jerry Dipoto wanting to bring in his own guy. That guy is now Hal Morris. Yes, THAT Hal Morris.

This week, the Angles agreed to terms with 15th overall pick Sean Newcomb, a solid LHP out of the University of Hartford. Let’s hope we keep him around long enough to make his debut in red and not ship him out in a mid season trade.


Postscript: Bane also presided over the scouting of some draft picks that they were unable to sign, like Giants catcher Buster Posey (a 50th-round pick in 2005), Orioles pitcher Brian Matusz (fourth round, 2005) and RHP Matt Harvey (third round, 2007). How’s THAT for a factoid.

Stadium Chronicles: Nationals Park

Ok dudes..I just got through Connecticut and into Massachusetts and am about an hour away from Boston for tonights Sox/Yanks game at Fenway…. But before i go any further, here’s a little recap of my Washington DC Stadium experience.

So i was staying with my college buddy Kaveh and his lady who already had tickets. My buddy Noah, who i played every intramural sport under the sun with in college, also lived in DC and used to work for the Nats, so he hooked us up a pair of tickets field level. After a day of cruising the city and checking out all the sites, we rolled into what the Nationals call “The Bullpen.” It’s this massive parking lot across from the stadium (like, you could throw a rock at the entrance it’s so close) that has food stands, booze stands, tables and a massive row of corn-hole sets. It was pretty hot so we started downing vodka lemonades and throwing bags.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 4.18.32 PM

Here’s Kaveh playing cornhole at The Bullpen

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