2016 MLB Predictions

AL West: Rangers

AL Central: Tigers

Al East: Rays

Wild Card 1: Royals

Wild Card 2: Astros

AL Cy Young: Archer

AL MVP: Trout (duh)

AL ROY: Mazaro

NL West: Dodgers

NL Central: Cubs

NL East: Nats

Wild Card 1: Mets

Wild Card 2: Giants

NL Cy Young: Kershaw (double duh)

NL MVP: Haper

NL ROY: JP Crawford

ALCS: Tigers v Astros

NLSC: Dodgers v Cubs

World Series: Astros over Cubs




2 thoughts on “2016 MLB Predictions

  1. NL:
    Division winners: Giants, Pirates, Marlins
    Wild Cards: Nationals, Cubs
    NLCS: Giants over Cubs

    Division winners: Mariners, Royals, Jays
    Wild Cards: Indians, Astros
    ALCS: Jays over Royals

    World Series: Giants over Blue Jays

  2. AL West: Houston Astros

    AL Central: Kansas City Royals

    Al East: Toronto Blue Jays

    Wild Card 1: Boston Red Sox

    Wild Card 2: Chicago White Sox

    AL Cy Young: Chris Sale

    AL MVP: Edwin Encarnacion

    AL ROY: come on guys, do we really know who these players are?

    NL West: LA Dodgers

    NL Central: Chicago Cubs

    NL East: NY Mets

    Wild Card 1: SF Giants

    Wild Card 2: St Louis Cardinals

    NL Cy Young: Clayton Kershaw

    NL MVP: Clayton Kershaw

    Best All Around Guy Ever: Clayton Kershaw

    NL Batting Champ: Joc Pederson (lol, you wish, Justo)

    Best Player on Planet, better than Trout by a long shot, with more talent, more charisma, better in every way on and off the field: Joc Pederson

    World Record Holder for most marshmallows in mouth without swallowing: Pablo Sandoval

    Collapsed lung from blowing too big a snot rocket after being “shown up”: Madison Bumgarner

    Finally gets arrested for doing something as creepy as he looks: Zack Grienke

    Accidentally poops his pants while in deep contemplation between pitches: Joey Votto

    NL ROY: Corey Seager

    ALCS: Blue Jays vs Royals

    NLSC: Dodgers v Cubs

    World Series: Dodgers over Blue Jays!!!

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