2016 WCB Draft Sports Book


Mike Trout is the most expensive player                                            +105

Kershaw is the most expensive pitcher                                              -1000

Costen unknowingly drafts a player that is retired or injured                            +120

Xander is the last person to buy their first player                            -450

Rookie is the first person to spend all his money                            -400

Justin drafts Carlos Correa or Kole Calhoun                                     -550

Spinelli spends the most money on holds                                         -300

Greg drafts Andrew McCutchen or Joey Votto                                   -350

Buster Posey drafted by a Giants Fan (Costen, Tommy or Spinelli)                 -275

Patrick drafts Ian Kennedy                                                                   -500


   Most expensive player                                                                    $58

Most Expensive Starter                                                                        $27.5

Most Expensive Reliever                                                                   $12

Times Paul expresses arrogant disbelief at the price of a player                       5.5

 Number of Dodgers on Ariel’s roster                                              3.5

Number of A’ on Josh’s roster                                                          2.5

Number of Padres drafted                                                                2

Times Spinelli says “I like that pick”                                               7.5

Times Justin defends himself by citing his regular season success                  3


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