Just look at that face.

And these two:

Unknown-1.jpeg  images.jpeg

and for fun:

Ok, i’ll stop. Why is Juan Uribe our inaugural post?

I’ve wanted to write about him during the post season. But I didn’t want to interrupt Xander’s streak of 15 weeks of Roto stats so I didn’t. Having a baby also might have played a factor in not having time to write about this.

It would’ve centered on his 5 year cycle for a world series ring: the 2005 White Sox, the 2010 Giants …
images-1.jpeg… and the 2015 Mets. Glad I didn’t write that.

But for me, Uribe is an interesting sort of baseball player. For one, he’s fat. Not Bartolo Colon fat, but close enough.

For two, Uribe has played in 6 postseasons, 3 world series, has two titles, won defensive player of the year (in 2013!) and has made over $50 million USD. (That’s over 315 million Venezuelan Bolivares for those world travelers out there.)

So of course, he’s compared to the lofty careers of Rich Aurilia, JJ Hardy, Alex Gonzalez and Andrelton Simmons. But then, there’s Shawon Dunston, Carlos Baerga, Brandon Phillips on the same Baseball Reference Similarity Scores.

It doesn’t seem like he’s on the same level as the latter three. I remember Carlos Baerga from World Series 95 (Bill Swift!) and he was a beast. Dunston hails from the earliest generation of baseball players I remember while Phillips …. well, I don’t know. I know Spinelli likes him.

So what is it about Uribe? Probably nothing. There’s this great article on sports vice and some YouTube videos (mainly by Stadium Bound) of him and Ryu having a go at each other. Here’s a good compilation.

Or maybe it’s just because he’s a likable guy doing likable things and represents what’s to love about baseball. Or maybe it’s because the baby is sleeping in her crib for her first night and I am bored out of my gourd as she is actually sleeping…..until now…


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